About Us:

Founded in 1992 by travel industry professionals, Travel Boards, Inc. is a specialized marketing and advertising company, with a focus on limited access, interstate highways.

Travel Board® products are seen by millions of travelers each year, across over 1,200 miles of highways.

Advertisers are able to use a variety of cost-effective mediums across hundreds of highway miles to reach existing and potential customers.

To complement our sales and marketing services, we also staff and operate a full service, in-house graphic design and large format printing department.

Travel Board® InfoCenters

located in over 50 turnpike service plazas from Ohio to New Jersey.

Turnpike Logo Programs

located 1 - 2 miles before exits along the Ohio and Pennsylvania Turnpikes.

Digital Advertising

features weather, road conditions and video advertising.

Toll Plaza Advertising

available at 31 interchanges across the Ohio Turnpike.

Service Plaza Advertising

located in service plazas on the Ohio Turnpike.

The Official Ohio Turnpike Map & Lodging Guide

contains the listings of all participating hotels, as well as Service Plaza locations and concessions.

Travel Board® Exit Guides

are distributed at over 100 toll plazas in Ohio & Pennsylvania.

New - QR Codes

Were optimizing our InfoCenters for mobile access, by adding QR codes to our ads, maps, and listings.

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